Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Note: A summary of the important events is at the bottom. (Not yet done)

Weal and Wyrm


Shopping list in previous note.

Wyrms eat both the rock and faerzress energy. The area is a faerzress dead zone. This means:

  • reliable magic (no faerzress interference)
  • no shifting tunnels
  • better environment for more "unsavory creatures"
    • Lesser creatures e.g. Troglodytes, slods, oozes
    • creatures that avoid the light

The Wyrmwrithings

DeVir's assistant, (Grin?), activates a magical teleportation device (modified Gate), which teleports us to an unknown location in the Wyrmwrithings.

In transit

Not sure if this was just flavour text, or if this has to do with the broader "dreams narrative":

Golden specs of light flit around this tunnel. Mostly in pairs. Some groups of several (8 or 9). Sometimes just one. They all seem to follow your movement.


Just some members saw these specs, we arrive a dark tunnel. It is pitch black (nonmagical). After figuring out our lighting situation, we take a look around:

No signs of other creatures except for:

  • Webbed indentations in the sides and ceilings.
  • Nothing living in these webs. Webs are old.
  • Wrapped up, you see a drow-made figurine. Totem? With a sigil…
    • But no one mentions this, so… Atlan doesn't know.

Necalli smells a "fishy" smell from NW passage.

Over the next several days, we travel through the Wyrmwrithings, down this passage. Fishy smell increases.

Don rolls 21 on con save, yet is afflicted with a level of exhaustion due to inability to properly sleep/rest.

Magical oops

Atlan accidentally drops his wand. Lands on its hilt where the crystal is, letting out a shockwave. Crackling white and black energy shoots out, hitting the walls of the chamber.

Upon picking it up: wisdom save (Success, I think.) Some sort of energy surges from crystal to hand. Hand turns cold temporarily. Cast minor illusion as a test. Intention: summon rubber duck. Effect: rubber duck with pure black eyes.

Wyrm Fight

The shockwave caused by the dark crystal has alerted a Wyrm to our presence. It barrels through the group. Roll initiative.

Hardly seems to take damage from a slew of attacks. We are largely disorganized/not on the same page.

Atlan attempts to be stealthy, but inadvertently touches wand to stone again. Lightning/Shockwave again. The Wyrm charges in his direction and swallows him whole.

We continue to attack the beast. Atlan casts Dimension Door to escape.

Necalli and Donaar both attempt to sneak in different directions. Both make lots of noise. Necalli is louder, causing the Wyrm to charge in his direction.

As it passes by, it attacks both him and Fae, who is standing nearby. As it collides with her head-on, the Wyrm opens its maw and swallows Fae.

As the Wyrm spins around to make another round of attacks, Donaar rapidly strikes out for its stomach region, sinking his weapons deep into the less-armored, fleshy region of it's underside. Massive damage, and the Wyrm is forced to release Fae.

After another round of attacks, with more focus being given to this weaker underside, the Wyrm lets out a high-pitched screech of terror and pain and flees through a well-traveled northern passage.

Where-to next?

The Wyrm has fled through a northern passage that is covered in Wyrm slime. Seems fairly well-traveled. We guess that this passage leads to a nest of some kind, but are not certain.

We (esp. Necalli) still perceive this "Fishy" smell, stronger than before. He guesses that it is coming from down a SW passage.

Some initially wanted to go directly to Wyrm nest, but Necalli brings up the convincing argument of "How would we get out of here once we have the egg." The consensus seems to be that this is a pertinent concern, so the group decides to travel SW and investigate the smell, and hopefully find a way out of these Wyrmwrithings.

Down this path, we find footprints:

  • Drow - Not soldier footprints. Lighter shoe.
  • Reptilian prints - lizardlike

The Smell at the End of the Tunnel

After (at least) a day's travel down this SW passage, we hear some cacophonic sounds from up ahead.

Fae activates sneak (nat20 for 29). As she scouts ahead, she sees a battlefield of lizard-like creatures. (Lizardfolk?)


-- Session End --


I will do this later!