Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

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Deliberating Details with DeVir

Fae is back! Wait, where's Don!?

Fae asks the Stoneweavers

What is my role in defeating the Demon Princes? - Fae

In the screen… your vision goes hazy, you feel rocketed forward in a gust of wind. Feel yourself stumble. Catch yourself. You're in some sort of city, but the architecture is weird. Houses built in different styles/eras. Drow, Gracklestugh, blingdenstone. You look down at your hands. You're holding this deep black, beating heart. In your other hand, you have a knife. You feel yourself stab through this heart, and your own hand behind it. The heart explodes in a cloud of inky blackness. (Matching your own blood). Then the vision clears.

Urma: "the dark heart" ?? : "no.." They turn and smile and wave

Ustova: Trips over thier spear. "The past is unchangeable and the future is unknowable---bs lol."

They do not know what the dark heart is.

"When you exist outside time… hard to feel urgency." "We got lazy(?)" Notes were taken from the library. Recently. Someone came in; looking for them. "Dark heart" is a ritual…

Only one stone/vision allowed per visitor


Fae sends rocky forward to ask about the dark heart. Nat19!

All 4 of us see: Imperius drow archwizard in spidersilk robe - mighty conjuration spell. Web of faerzress energy expands outward. He panics. This is out of his control. Cracks stretch and widen - through them, demons come. Woman laughs.

We did not see a dark heart in this vision.

Individual looked mid-50s equivalent.

In the vision: saw this through tall (high-up) window. Several other tall buildings. This individual was high up. Could easily make out cavern ceilings.

Likely Menzoberranzan


We exit to Vizeran's tower, Araj

Energy barrier -> iron gate -> 5ft solid rock tunnel -> chamber w/ high, vaulted ceiling & spiral staircase. Very high. At various points up the staircase, multiple rooms. Light follows us.

Tiefling woman. His apprentice. Grin.

Planning with Vizeran

The Dark Heart ritual is Vizeran's plan. Not what Baenre did. Is intense magical something that incorporates past, present, future. Creates massive bait.

The cause of it all

What ritual started this? -- There used to be two mages of Menzoberranzan. Vizeran & Baenre. They were attempting to control the Faezeress. Baenre decided to go it alone. Causes this rage of demons. Vizeran thinks Lolth is shirking her duties.

Outlining his plan

Even if we lure them, what sends them back and keeps them there?

Vizeran: The dark heart only lures them and plays on their want for power. Hopefully, they all fight each other until there is only one left standing. Then hopefully we can deal with that one.

That explains how we get them back. What keeps them there? "I can handle that" (paraphrase) - "need to reverse Baenre's ritual"

The Shopping List

Vizeran's shopping list for us. "I am willing to carry out this Dark Heart ritual, but I am going to need you to get me some materials."

  • Intact, fertile, unhatched egg of a purple worm.
  • Central eye of a beholder
  • Six feathers. Each from a unique angel. "to enrage the demons"
  • Heart of a Goristroy
    • First lesser demons…
    • Unparalleled in strength compared to other lesser demons.
    • Combine this with angel feathers to make magic demon attractor.
  • Fungal agent. 13 sprouts of Timask; devil's mushrooms. Found in the footprint of a demon. Balor, Malith, or another Goristro. Makes more irresistible to smart demons
  • Vial of blood/Ichor from a demon lord.

He interpreted most of the journal, but some pages were torn out. Likely able to find these in Baenre's tower in Menzoberranzan. We are still wanted.

(remember) Ilvara turned into demon goo.

Purple worms rank with tarrasques in terms of destructive ability. Just north of Menzoberranzan resides the largest purple worm tunnels in the known world.

Demonic materials: venture into the labyrinth. Deepest explored parts of Underdark. Caverns so deep, fazeress coalesces like mists. Tunnels change almost constantly. Certainly encounter demon prince.


We all get 25,000 gp

-- Session End --


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