Campaign Notes: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

-- Notes unfinished --

A New Friend and a Plan

Gwenn's Arrival

Preparing to Venture into Neverember's Vault

We arrive at the Yawning portal…


Wants revenge on his father, is willing to help us. Accompanies us to Blackstaff tower so we can speak privately…

Informing the Blackstaff

We recount to the Blackstaff everything we learned about the stone and the hoard.

Gwenn is meeting Vajra for the first time… moderate silliness ensues. Gwenn has Vajra write her signiture in her book.

We learn that there is a dragon ward (read: ward against dragons) on the entire city; they cannot enter.

Acquiring the Keys

Song: Metrim

Tree and Kacey are to recreate the song ("Your Beardy Face"), as performed by Metrim and his bagpipe-playing companion, using magic. The practice goes fairly well.

Shapechanger: Bonnie

Gwenn convinces Bonnie, a barmaid at the Yawning portal, to join the group for a short time. (Bonnie is a shapechanger)

Construct: Several Small Automatons

(at least 2) acquired from the House of Inspired Hands. (There are many of these small constructs, created by Nymn (I think))