Campaign Notes: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Inspecting the Stone of Galorr

Tree Attunes to the Stone

It is not just an object or, simply, an artifact It is an Aboleth, named Galorr that was, by magic, bound to the stone

Mechanical Properties of the Stone

  • +1 to AC
  • While attuned, you feel physically ill; beat-down. This illness gives you disadvantage on any STR or CON ability check or saving throw you make.

You may also cast Legend Lore as an action (10 mins) using the stone. 3 charges. Regains 1d3 charges each dawn.


Not a voice, exactly; thoughts and ideas. It asks what you would like to know of it.

"How did you become a stone, instead of your true self?"

You see an image of an extremely Low-light, watery area. You are uncertain where this is. Suddenly there is a ton of action; thrashing and fighting… You see 5 smaller figures around this creature- its tentacles all over… Then everything goes black. (Uncertain as to specifics, but these smaller creatures were fighting it.)

"How did you come to be here/by whom were you brought?"

Flashes of images and faces… Probably 30 before you see an image you recognize (The woman, Amath) then several more people, then your face.

Feels pretty sentient. No traditional language, but definitely sentient.

Next morning - Tree stands by a fire

  • Through cemetery, rapidly
  • Through mausoleum
  • Ending up… somewhere
  • Piles of treasure…
  • It attempts to ask if you would like to learn the lore of this legend…


Tree enters a trance… (Legend Lore)

You get more words than previously, though not full sentences.

You see the location of this mausoleum, which you understand to be in the city, not too great a distance away. It is in the City of the Dead. See the name "Brandath" atop this mausoleum. You go through the mausoleum, then your vision cuts to an image of the door…

  • You see a 20ft high 20ft wide stone corridor that ends before a shining, green, metallic door.
  • You see runes on the door that you cannot read. He can read "common, elvish, giant halfling"
  • You get an image in your head of an animated construct, a shapechanger, and you hear a performance of a Dwarvish song that implies to you is called "Your Beardy Face" - These are the keys to enter the vault.
  • You also learn that there is an adult gold dragon, named Orenex, who guards the vault and its treasures.


Golden dragons are known for being "good" - they are distinctly on the side of good. They tend to take their quests very seriously. That includes protecting whatever (potentially humanoid) communities they live in, or whatever they were requested to protect. Some are capable of shapeshifting into humanoid or beast forms, and they are very, very strong believers in the "greater good" and "rule of order" to the point where they are sometimes considered "arrogant and dismissive". Overall it is easier to have a discussion w/ a golden dragon than a chromatic. With a chromatic, you'd likely not live to get the chance.

Reinier's theory as to why he was originally kidnapped was because someone wanted his help finding this vault of his father's money

If Reinier shows up… then? He can frequently be found at the Yawning Portal.

Detect Magic does not reveal anything around us in the room.

Note to self: We know a golden dragon, I think.


  • We notice an extra glimmer to Tree's armor

The legend states that Neverember embezzled money and hid it in the city somewhere

More questions for the blood god

"Is there a cost to asking these questions"

No response.

"Do you desire anything?"

You see a bunch of images of, what you assume to be, areas all over the world. Beach, forest(?), mountain, swamp, libraries, ancient ruins. There is a different face associated with each of these. You get the impression that it doesn't care to stay in one place for too long, and it is interested in knowledge.

Identifying the Stone

We learn… what Tree told us.

Also learn that it causes an illness, and the nature of the illness.

A Question for Tree

Note: this dialogue has been subtly edited for readability

You hear a question burrowing in the back of your mind… "What are you?"

Tree is 3 weeks old. Tree thinks. Tree thinks hard. "I was designed to protect. I don't know. I am a… thing."

"I've seen many things. I've not seen your kind. What are you?"

"I am a creation. I was created… by one person, I believe. I was created to protect. I was created to learn. Why do you need to know?"

"I want to know all"

"I do too. Is there anything that you can teach me, and then I can teach you in reply."

"If you ask the right questions."

They seem to come to an understanding.

Tree: "I will answer any questions I can, and I assume you will do the same?"

No response.