Campaign Notes: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Pursuing Amath & the Stone of Galorr

After waking, we decide to pursue Amath…

Amath - Yellowspire tower - castle ward - less nice than other locations in the castle ward

Arrival & Scouting

Yellowspire tower:

  • wooden door
  • 2-3 stories
  • light comes from under the door

Aldon Scouts the Tower

5 people in fur-lined garments, emblazoned with black hand-print on them


One woman at the center

Ritual Circle w/ candles

Tied-up, gagged and blindfolded individual in center of circle

Three black, flying snakes in the rafters

This is the highest floor of the tower.


Fighting the Cultists

We win. Aldon goes "one shot, one kill" mode for the duration of the fight.



  • Key
  • Apparently a Potion. Similar to healing potion, but uncertain if same
  • and stone of galorr

Further inspection of cultists…

Bane - god of tyrannical oppression… the bad god. Evil evil

Hostage - Shan Chien

The cultists wanted him to serve Bane. He runs a newspaper they wanted him to "get the word out"

They abducted him on the street


Manshoon, "The traitor" - mauer knows him We. BARELY. Kill him He collapses into a pile of ice and snow. (Simulacrum?)

Permanent teleportation circle in the basement.

"I thought they were theives, not cultists" "They are many things"

Manshoon is a wizard, apparently.

He had made many clones of himself. We thought them all to be destroyed. It seems some remain.

He is the one who brought the Zenterim Black Network into being.

He has popped up here & there - every time, destroyed. Many years since he's been heard of.

The multiple clones of manshoon have been after multiple objectives: power, riches, generally just destruction (lost mind)

In Mauer's "lifetime" he wanted power. Was on multiple councils, looking for ways to manipulate… anything

"He has betrayed many mages in the past, including the one who made me."