Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss


  • Owns magic shop in the royal quarter of Gracklstugh. (Curious and Collectables from Beyond the Caverns)
  • Expert on combat & military history
  • Lizardfolk

The colored crystals used during the summoning ritual in Sloobludop were most likely Sapphires.

There are likely breaks in the Demonweb Pits. This would need to be the case in order for the Demon Princes to escape into the underdark so easily. If the Demonweb Pits are broken, there is likely an issue with Lolth, for she is fated to maintain the webs.

  • Summoning Lolth (as Ilvara was attempting to do) would prevent her from maintaining the Pits.
  • Lolth & Beshaba assisted w/ the escapse of demon princes in the past.
  • If Ilvara/high priests are traitors, Lolth loses much of her power.
  • Velkenvelve = proving ground for young drow elites. Fairly safe outpost, generally.
  • Ilvara is NOT the high priestess of Menzoberranzan, but is close. (It is likely that if she captured us, she would receive the promotion.)
  • Previous high priest (archmage) vanished from his tower in Menzoberranzan roughly 1-2 years ago. There is no current High Priest(ess).

Spider King (Below Gracklstugh):

  • Was the result of one of Bupedo's experiments with regeneration magics.

Acquired: 10x Sending stone things. All connected to each other. Basically magic walkie-talkies.

Society of Brilliance:

  • Blurs - Last known destination: Surface world
  • 'Y' - Last known location/destination?: Mantel Derith

Shop Items

  • Phantom Fists - Unarmed strikes have a range of 15 ft. On a hit, you may push enemies 2d4 ft. away from yourself.
  • Bladed Bracers - Shortswords mounted on bracers. As a reaction to being attacked, you may use yourreaction to reduce incoming damage by 1d6 + your Strength modifier.

Acquired: Map to Glacier temple on the surface where you can forge a Sunblade. (Skris can give additional directions)

  • Summoning Totem - As an action, you may summon an etherial creatures (CR 1) that acts independently, but is friendly to you. It lasts for 2 rounds. (I don't remember charges/day)
  • Dagger of Elements - 2 charges. Regain 1 charge at each dawn. - As a bonus action, you may expend a charge to gain +1d6 damage of chosen elemental type w/ this weapon for 1 minute.
  • Immovable Rod - (Purchased) - Can hold 8k pounds. Extends up to 16 ft. is normally 2 ft(I think). Must be anchored to something when locked in place.

Acquired: Driftglobe

  • Firework Cannon - (Purchased) Requires Attunement. Magical dmg. Explosions.
    • Normal Attacks: 2d6 bludgeoning + 1d8 fire
    • Barrage Attack (one use, then requires repair by a specialist) - AOE: 3d8 fire + 3d8 bludgeoning dmg, and loud noise and sparkles.

Acquired: Panaceum Root (from spellcasting foci bag) (from Nirac) (Spellcasting component for low-level revive spells)

  • Shield of Heroic Memories -(1000-1200g) you may attempt to convince this shield that you have fought a creature/type of creature (that you can see?) before. If truthful: make DC 10 persuasion check. If lie: Make dc 15 deception check. on success: you gain +1 to AC against attacks from that type of creature. If fail, shield loses all memories. Max 5 memories.
  • Armor of Boosting - 2 charges. Expend charges as BA. +1 to AC per charge expended. (I forget duration.) When you expend last charge, roll a d20. on 1, it loses its magic. there is also a chance to take force damage, but I forget when/why.
  • Chalice of Pepsi Max - 1d6 heal per use. 2 charges. (per day?)
  • Box of Holding - (250g, purchased) The Bag of Holding you know and love, in an all new form!

Acquired: Self-sustaining goldfish-in-a-ball

  • Skull of the last warchief - (700g) - Adv. on Intimidation checks. & Expertise in intimidation. Curse: disadvantage on persuasion. Requires attunement.
  • Carpet of Binding - Action: throw at a creature that is not native to this plane. Prevents creature from leaving the current plane as long as they are inside it.
  • Table of seeing - (3000g) - Acts as a sort of magic mirror. When looking into it, you see a location you bind it to.
  • Plate of feasting - (800g for a set. 2 per set.) - Food eaten off of this plate sustains you for 2x as long as normal.
  • Chair of walking - (900g) - The chair walks at your speed. Yes, its glorious.
  • Floorboards of Concealing - Basically a pocket dimension beneath the floorboards. Owner controls when they open/close.
  • Candelabra of singing (bound spirit) - 2k gold?
  • Vase of cobra & Vase of adder - 1200g each. Unbreakable Vases. When thrown, potential to do d12 poison damage to target.

Stella's Signet Ring

  • Insignia of House Forgeborn.
    • Important family in Gauntylgrym (surface town. Has a (Sealed) entrance to the underdark there).
    • Mostly metalworkers & weaponsmiths.

Skris's take on the current politics:

  • Stoneguard inept due to leadership
  • Fembershaad will likely try to take control if freed.
  • Deep King was previously a good ruler (before the influence of Cassandra) (Although some still wouldn't like him)
  • Hard to say if Fembershaad would be good for city if he ruled. (Random as far as we know, currently.)



  • is NOT a moss. It is an energy. Can take form of moss, but can also just be magical energy.
  • Useful for divination/scrying
  • Changes based on area
    • Reacts to the demeanor/actions of the population around it
    • Lots of corruption = bad
    • Feedback loop of madness?
  • Likely going cause roll on magic table to utilize in strange ways.
  • NOT native to the underdark. Started appearing after the disappearance of Beshaba.


Before Demonweb Pits:

  • Beshaba & Lolth (sisters) guarded the exit to the Abyss.
  • They started to sympathize with the Demon Lords
  • Betrayed the gods by allowing the Demon Princes to escapse w/o giving warning, or attempting to stop them.
  • Beshaba then dissappeared. Has not been seen since, as far as Skris is aware.

Library of Gravenhollow:

  • Can only be found when it wants you to find it.
  • Complete encyclopedia of the world (no information must be lost, type thing) (Potentially utilize this to gain entry!? If something would be lost forever if we did not intervene?)
  • Origins of the library are unknown.
  • Last person to enter & return that Skris is aware of was Brysis Kaim.
  • Sunspear is artifact related to Brysis. "If you can bring it back to her home city, they can unlock its properties." (Netheril - fallen civilication of half-elves. Used to make flying cities."
  • Spirit we fought in Brysis tomb was dressed as Brysis, but we could see nothing but its clothing.
    • She could have been pretending to be fighting?? (if it were actually the unadultered spirit of Brysis, we'd likely be dead)
    • When in the tomb (& possessed by the spirit?), Donnar heard the same voice as the one that repeated "Demagorgon" to him.

Geography of the Underdark

Best bet to escape the Underdark:

  • Blingdenstone


  • Wyrm ridings of Menzoberranzan: contains an outlet to the surface
  • Deeper into underdark: could potentially encounter a portal to the surface world.
  • Gauntylgrym passage. Is sealed from the surface side.