Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Menzoberranzan Outskirts

We check in with the pets Droganna and Rocky

Near menzoberranzan, the life gets much more like the surface. More running water, bugs.

Fae hears commotion up ahead.

The city is near.

There is an outpost in our path as well.

Candle. Rope just outside the flame. Rope attached to large bell.

"Zaps" and strange noises coming from tent. There seems to be an empty prison cell… human arm inside.

Lizard (mount) is chewing on something.


Menzoberranzan (bottom left?) (about 1/2 a mile away). Tunnel is very narrow and very long.

Tunnel might lead to menzoberranzan?

Asha - things are rough There si a new archmage "she means business" illvara's sister. Went into sorcer and never returned. The only people allowed in or out are new archmage and guards Quenthel Banrae Matron mother of menzoberarnan She isnt seen much. Takes audiences from Narbondel - the spire

The city has various plateaus separated by rifts. Banrae and higher Narbondel is brindge anchor point Behind that is sorcer… (house banrae einner sanctum)

Asha is working on a way in.

The city is protected by many wards at the entrances….

Atlan runs forward to message Fae, slips and knocks pebbles into the drow outpost, attracting attention, but dimension doors out before being seen.

Immediately messages fae, warning her of the wards. She continues on.

After encountering a few, she opts to turn back after a conversration with atlan.

As fae is exiting the tunnel into the outpost.

Conversations from guard: why are we not in this tunnel? "You know they're coming, right? We don't know when, but they're coming."

WANTED posters with our names on them.

Necalli, Atlan, Donaar, Fae.

Explosive barrel behind the captain

Fae runs back, leaps over the 20ft chasm, rolls 11 (2), falls, 10 (1) on dex save. Atlan casts major image.

Main entrance to city is "the West Rift" (one of these giant "claw scratches") - 15 mi West of our current position.

Leads into the "Duthcloin?" district

We go into atlan's realm.

The place seems to be collapsing.

Brysis furiously castring to keep is closed.

NEP is getting stronger. Something is happening on the surface…

"What would casue this"

A reaction like this means that there is an imbalance of energy between the plains.

Something larger than us shifting.

Big negative on positive or big positive in negative. Her nightstalker?

"we'll stay in here until the turtle taps on the glass"

"Name and business"

"My name is Plortot. I've traveled to see your city…"

"Business with what house?"

"Lets get you in contact with Villiyan"

The harpers were caught and fed to the lizards.

Inside the tent there is a drow tinkerer, zapping an object with arcs of lighting.

the captain:

"Well, we don’t get your type around here…" "You're here for house Banrae? Qunthel? What is your business with her?"

"I do not believe you should know"

"No I think I should know. I think ununderestimate who I am"

Plortot calls bluff "outpost guard"

You're wrong "matroness of <>, premier company of invesstigators and mercenaries. Narbonendel's premier guard."

Insight 17 - she is not lying. Seems extremely frustrated. Her cloak is pinned with a sigil -> Y surrounded in a ring. Everything she wears is expensive.

"Aah, my deepest apologies. But why would they station you here?"

Not your business.

"I see"

"we're getting off on the wrong foot. Villyen…"


"Well plortot, we have quite the journey ahead of us, I suggest you rest up.."

"it'll be about a day's journey…"

"Oh, and one more thing Plortot: I assume you're familiar with our codes"

"I am not. I am simply invited to visit."

In that acase, verbal contract:

  • There is no god or goddess other than Lolth.
  • Any who follows the dictates of another entity will be slain
  • Ritual worship of any entity other than Lolth is forbidden within the city’s vault.
  • A commoner or student of the Academy who refuses to obey a priestess can be punished as the offended priestess sees fit, up to and including death. If the offender is the property of another house and the noble of that house is present and objects, the two must agree on a punishment
  • If it can be proved that two or more houses attacked another house, all the houses that participated in the attack will be destroyed jointly by the remainder.

(plortot repeats. Slowly.)

-- Session End --


We arrive at outpost outisde Menzoberranzan.

Fae scouts around, sneaks into tunnel, comes back. Learned:

  • There is an alarm that can be triggered in this outpost.
  • We are Wanted in Menzoberranzan. High alert it seems. They are expecting us.

We talk with Asha, revealing (I believe we knew some of these, but it is reaffirmed):

  • things are rough
  • There is a new archmage occupying Sorcer (Quenthel Banrae).
  • Illona entered Sorcer weeks ago and has not been seen since.

Asha is working to get us a way in. We should not try to enter on our own.

Naturally, we try to get in:

  • Don, Atlan, Fae, Drogaana enter Atlan's crystal.
  • Plortot approaches the outpost, talks his way into gettin escorted to Menzoberranzan.
  • The journey will be approx. one day long… we can stay in the crystal for 12 hours.