Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Eyes Unseen

Darkness Under the Bridge(s)

Chasm. Bridges upon bridges

New faezeress, glowing an eerie blue, almost as bubbles


Vizeran's assistant Grin is there Wants to Apologize.. Vizeran wants her to accompany us to the big city

Are there any updates on Vizeran's end of the plan? No.

She looks at a circle she set up on the ground. Taps button, unfolds into teleportation circle of sorts Not designed for living matter… Not affectted by fazeress

She was originally part of house Baenrae

Research assistant. I don't know much about magic Mostly a front… to get me into a Follow instrucitons of devvir Put to gether contraptions

Devir does not want to endanger our mission

Investigating the Chasm

She takes out silver ball; squeezes it. Begins glowing a deep blue, drops down into pit until out of sight…

Celiling: huge engraving of an eye, extremely intricate… mouth, with rows and rows of teeth

There is a gentleman; human; walking across the bridge towards us… 6ft… but.. Feels small Wearing cloak with dramatic shoulder pads Tatooed across his head are eyes… has a staff


Asks for full names… Has tatoos on arms, eyes glow, tries to compel donaar to tell him name.


Carrazacar - giant beholder -10 eye stalks

Atlan insults his grammar, gets hit for 54 point Disintegrate - roll initiative.

Donaar finished curring the bridge -> the acolyte starts to fall, but hangs on to the severed bridge.. Necalli throws the Axe of Decieving size

bad things happen, we're not looking too good

Lies and Deceit

Necalli calls out Fraz, who appears atop the beholder. All bridges disappear, we all fall into the giant Maw.

We land in this chamber:


Giant dragon skeletion. Bigger than any we have ever seen. Far bigger than Fembershaad

Courses with electric energy.

An Unexpected Informant

Modron on the ground with us. Appears damaged. Stuttering: Or-der-er (repeats) This "orderer" is apparently a thing, or, at least not a person. It needs to find it. It (they, many) fought something and "lost" Modrons are created by Mechanus, the god of order. They are created to serve a purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled, they die.

There be Dragons

Donaar touches giant dragon skeleton Lightning crackles, shoots into his earholes He falls back, when he opens his eyes, they are glowing blue … he sees a similar vision to the one at gravenhollow, looking through the eyes of Baphomet, lumbering towards the Maze Engine He pushes aside a group of small little robots (modrons?)

Necalli casts augury: Asks about pursuing Baphomet through Eastern passage.

Summons the gigantic spirit of this blue dragon. Produces from its horn a glowing ball of blue light, which it offers to Donaar.

"Thank you!"

The orb melts into Donaar's hand… "Your soul feels stronger."

The way forward

Multiple pathways. One to the East is Largest.

-- Session End --


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