Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Know Thine Enemy

Note: These are unedited, unrevised notes. Not guaranteed to be comprehensible English.


Nightstalker is like a gas… (remains) held into spherical shape. Can poke into it and feel other end

Works similar to nightblade… contained piece of the negative plane… almost a small portal through

Unsure how to manipulate

Nothing happens


Inside the Crystal

There is a way to bring him back -Brysis

Safe harbour breaking down. Demons influence reaching even here. Some demons around long enough to

Previous Sightings from the Tower

The "Pantheon" place has lots of noise and bright lights. Other direction is the heart of the labyrnth, contains various quickly shifting tunnels as well as the maze engine.

  • Combat near maze engine - gnolls eating at giant (dead) purplish demon
  • They back away as we see a much much much larger gnoll move towards carcass.
  • This gnoll is difficult to look at… something tugging at us… Almost bipedal, but so hunched over it walks on 4 paws.
  • It has 4 rows of sharp, bloody teeth. Ruby-red eyes. Body wrapped in chains, all held together by brooch w/ harp on it
  • Flail, all ends sickly red. Devours carcass; gets bigger
  • Lifts head as gnoll brings it scrap of clothing: a scrap of donaar's pants, torn off by the gargoyles
  • It sniffs the fabric, looks up and howls..

Seems Yeenoghu is on to us

There is another, much longer route, that goes through the pantheon area. Est 1-2

Demon princes not yet at full power.

Carazzakar fight (Deception demon lord) He is increasing in power. This was more impressive than before.

  • Yeenoghu will hunt whatever is in his path.
  • He currently has a pack with him.
  • He gets stronger by eating things.

  • The labyrinth core is 50x50 mi.
  • Pantheon is to the east of it (perpendicular?)
  • Yeenoghu is ???
  • How long to get into the core of the maze.

Plortot: legend lore (Baphomet)

Spectral gears appear, ticking, as he casts


  • Baphomet is known as the horned king, prince of beasts
  • outlier in the demon princes… most have "domains" e.g. savagery, ooze, fungus
  • Baphomet is a more "anti" civilization
  • manifests this in the creation of his… infinite mazes in his section of the abyss
  • trains his cultists to tie ropes to themselves in undoable knots; devoting themselves to him
  • he is untrackable by any known means.
    • leaves no trail, despite being massive
  • less talked about demon prince
  • becomes a figurehead for revolutionary groups
  • force to bring down the ruling class

Don meditates

concentrates hard…

  • Finds himself back in the "big body" (baphomet)
  • Don talks: Baphomet stops.
  • 17 feet tall.
  • In the shadow… extremely complex network of horns branching out from the head
  • Like… "The Ritual" movie - forest spirit thing
  • The only feeling don has is his sight
  • All fours

-- Session End --