Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

When Dealing with Death

Note: These are unedited, unrevised notes. Not guaranteed to be comprehensible English.

Donaar's Trip

(post-shrooms & beast &… something else)

Dreaming. Aware this is a dream.

  • Not his own body
  • Walking through the room we are resting in…
  • Pick up Atlan's wand. Pulled into void, talking to red-cloaked figure…
  • Vision goes red. Wake up.

Hungry… craving something. Not sure what.

Darkness creature (later revealed to be a Nightwalker)

Atlan near it when it emerges, start with guardian of faith before combat It plunges its arm through Atlan's chest.

Combat begins

  • Neccalli takes out the anti-heal axe, attacks the thing, knocks it away from Atlan.
  • Fae uses water whip.
  • Don attacks it for solid damage.

(I forget (check logs))

Necalli is feared+paralyzed till the end of its next turn

(I forget)

Synaptic static?

It attacks Necalli twice, critting on each strike. 64 dmg, 54 dmg, max hp reduced by same amount, Necalli's max hp falls below 0. Necalli dies.

Attempts are made to revive him, all failing.

Necalli's Items

1 weapon (not maul of dawn) -> Donaar Money -> Atlan Fish in glass ball -> Fae Bag of holding Things not written, in the bag

  • 2 of the belts

-- Session End --