Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

"50 Shades of Hooves"

Next Steps


North not traversed in many eons

South, traveled, but by footprints we don't recognize - Dog-like. Pawprints, some recurved velociraptor talon in back

  • Set of HUGE footprints traveling with them
  • in the footprint, blood
  • Atlan touches inadvertently, WIS save -> +1 madness
  • Blood is of a humanoid

Modron on Gnolls

  • Eyes start to glow. Shoots out holographic field: Maze of twisting tunnels…
  • Solid image, but we have trouble focusing on it. Glowing dots appearing and reappearing on the map
  • Gnolls in the labyrinth? (Unsure, I think this was shown to be something else later… dont remember)
  • Yeenoghu - In the deepest pits of the abyss, filled with gnolls… not just the labyrnth then


  • lowest form of drone
  • created by 0001 Mechanus
  • created for "marching"
  • Map - Large chamber, no details to map. One dot

East path

This is the labyrinth? Footprints walk into walls

Larger footprints, hooved

Fazeress shrooms, spectral form; pure energy. Surrounded by solidified purple crystals…

Necalli nat20 on stealth, cloaked in control shadow as well

Cave, carved as if carved out of tree Inside, 2 minotaurs, waiting…

Not too much of a challenge

One of them wearing emerald-inlaid ring on 4th finger. Decent set of armor. Standard greatsword

+1 ring for atlan

Energy mushrooms are immaterial

Don smells a mushroom… WIS save. Don is now on shrooms.

Necalli snaps a crystal… We hear a mechanical groaning… Broken crystal and the piece Necalli had sorta "glitch" and the base is reformed… Purple veins shoot off. Necalli still has the broken-off piece. Offers piece to the modron. "Power comes from orderer"

Orderer - entity no2 - maze engine

A Tower in the Caverns

Passage guarded by these minotaurs… Tower entirely of adamantine… Simple, but nicely furnished. Food stores. Pretty big. No staircase.

  • Locked trapdoor in ceiling
  • Food is "human food" - not Underdark-native
  • Bookshelves. Books in common.
    • "Summonings and how they can be useful for your daily life as a homemaker
    • "instant recipes for instant towers"
    • "no title, but a picture of centaur embracing human woman" -> inside cover had a title: "50 shades of hooves"
  • No plainly visible switches…
  • "book, summoning towers.."
    • "Daern's instant fortress"
    • iron cube that can be thrown to the ground, where it will instantly become a fortress
    • Command words activate things within
    • fortress is reduced
    • Book belongs to a Mimzie Flogtoggle
      • We met a Nemzie Flogtoggle

Saying "Mimzie" opens the trapdoor

The Roof

Roof, we can see for miles over the labyrinth… In the caverns:

  • Various flashes of light
  • Almost geysers of red…
  • Vague clanging of metal
  • Far to the east: huge, hollowed-out point in the center of the cave system.
  • Every so often, a brilliant golden flash.

Nearby gate presumably leads to..

  • Tunnel widens, creating a large, open cave. Hollowed out & illuminated by mushrooms.
  • Columns of marble with veins of glittering crystal
  • Rows and rows of glyphs and sigils
  • 2 huge minotaur heads carved in the stone

"Gallery of angels" gone missing during a shift

Necalli one s

Hollowed out area flashes 4 times and goes dark. We hear a roar from that direction. So bestial, we have to make WIS save. (Atlan fails)


  • Atlan learns hunter's mark
  • Atlan casts hunters mark on Donaar
  • Atlan instantly loses the ability to cast hunters mark
  • Holy Weapon did not drop concentration.
  • "Almost as if something cast hunter's mark through you"
  • Don long rests. His creature type changes to "beast"

Wrapping up

"Mark and Esmerelda" The tower shrinks down into a little cube. Don remembered it. We get a copy of "Daern's instant fortress"=

The person who owns the tower is long dead…

-- Session End --


I totally didn't make a summary this week.