Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Note: A summary of the important events is at the bottom.

The Den of all Dens

The Nest

Now that we are in this room, what more can we see of the chamber?

  • Wounded wurm.
  • Larger wurm, glowing teeth, nibbles on smaller wounded.
  • Wounds closing where nibbling


The group deliberates over how to best proceed. Partly out of curiosity and partly out of impatience, Atlan casts Synaptic Static, a spell that can only affect intelligent creatures, between the two Wurms. The wounded one does not react at all, as one would expect. The larger one, however, immediately lets out a harrowing screech before burrowing into the rock below.

Immediately, panic ensues. The key to avoiding discovery, however, is to remain completely still - the wurms are blind, but can sense vibrations in the rock.

The whole group: Necalli, Donaar, Fae (not present), and Atlan all stand stock-still.

With a sudden, sinking feeling, Atlan remembers that they are travelling with 2 drow on this journey. He begins to turn towards them, to tell them to freeze where they are. The drow, however, were already running to his side upon hearing the commotion. Realizing this, Atlan promptly teleports away from them with Dimension Door.

Moments later, a large, purple cloud of energy begins to materialize, centered around the drow, and extending throughout the chamber where the party had been positioned. The energy then flares, as everyone in the chamber is hit with a burst of psychic dissonance from Synaptic Static - the same spell Atlan had just cast on the creature.

With hardly a moment to recover, the giant Wurm then bursts through the ceiling, landing in the center of the group. The drow are killed instantly, and combat begins.


Note: I wrote in some of the combat events that I remembered during the week, as my initial notes were not very detailed, so some things may be slightly out of order.

Necalli and Donaar engage the creature in melee combat.

Atlan casts telekenisis, attempting to wrench free some of the Wurm eggs. They move slightly, but are very stuck.

Necalli and Donaar continue to engage the magical Wurm, getting some good hits in, but things are getting dicey.

Atlan casts another spell from the spellbook: Hold Monster. It succeeds. All melee hits on the creature are now auto-crits. (Note: he can never cast this spell again. ever. by any means.)

Necalli seizes the moment, and lays into the creature with his maul, critically striking the creature for several hundred damage over the course of his turn.

Donaar follows up immediately after, also critically striking on his attacks.

In a matter of seconds, the wurm goes from one of the most menacing creatures we'd ever encountered to a barely-alive shell of its former self.

As Atlan's attention is split, attempting to hold concentration of two high-level spells at once, he fails to notice a dark figure approach behind him. In an instant, he is knocked unconscious, having only the time to look down and see a dark, glimmering dagger protruding from his chest, and the figure of Ilona Mizzrym standing over him as he falls to the ground. As Atlan hits the ground, both spells promptly end.

Dragon rider from the siege of Grackelstugh is Mizzrym's sister.

The now-freed Wurm attacks with a vigor fueled by pure desperation. It lashes out at both Donaar and Necalli, using every last reserve of its strength.

Don goes down to the frenzied assault, and Necalli finds himself swallowed shortly after.

Necalli is the only one left conscious in the chamber. On his next turn, he gathers his strength and lashes out with his radiant maul, smashing into the insides of the wurm. His strikes crash through the armored hide of the titanic creature, which is all but vaporized as he bursts out from within it.

Mizzrym Insta-kills atlan

Mizzrym teleports to strand (misty step) and deals voodoo damage to Necalli (damages herself to damage target)

Mizzrym "Just… get out of there", just before sturdy-looking drow warriors appear

Necalli throws the Axe of Deceiving Size at the strand suspending her. It lodges in the strand, which barely holds. He throws another weapon, which goes wide.

Donaar gets a critical success on one of his death saves, and is brought back to 1 hp. (?I think)

Donaar sprints to Atlan's side and revives him with a potion of healing and then uses Wholeness of Body to heal himself.

Mizzrym draws a longbow and fires at Necalli, +13 to-hit +5 dmg, also Arcane Shot (poison damage, vines) Definitely fighter

Also takes shot at Don. Don catches it, and throws it back, hitting the drow archer.

Atlan casts Greater Invisibility on himself and Don, then sends eldritch blast at the same place that Necalli lodged his axe. The strand breaks. Mizzrym falls, nearly all the eggs crash to the ground. Some shatter.

Necalli engages Mizzrym on the ground.

She teleports away. Failed counterspell

The remaining drow a quickly subdue the original, injured wurm using magical dagger-nets.

Don successfully cuts down a cluster of 7 eggs, which Necalli aids in catching.

Necalli picks up eggs, Atlan feeds him gaseous form potion. Subsequently realize that we don't have invis for long enough to leave the chamber. Donaar sees that the drow aren't taking the eggs…

Ilona wanted the wyrm eggs destroyed.

We give the drow the option to leave now. They hesitate, and Donaar cuts free the captured Wurm. It immediately begins tearing into the drow, as more arrive. Party makes their way out of the chamber down a southern tunnel.

Dwarves survived.

-- Session End --


We arrive at the Wurm nest.

We fought and killed a magical wurm that could recast spells cast on it, and could heal allies.

We fought Ilona Mizzrym, who appears to be some form of magical archer/fighter. (Has an assasination dagger. Primary weapon is a Longbow) She fled.

Ilona ordered some of her soldiers to destroy all of the remaining Wurm eggs, in order to hinder the competition. We stopped this attempt by freeing the Wurms, which then tore through the drow soldiers.

We, along with our dwarven companions, left the chamber alive (via the path it seems the drow came from), taking with us 7 Wurm eggs.

synaptic static