Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Seth has a shiny rock

Don is no longer exhausted. Less rumbling.


  • 1 sent to Gracklestugh with the Dwarves
  • 1 Necalli is trying to hatch.
  • 5 go in crystal.

Ilona bled red.

Phone calls


Baenre's tower = Sorcere (city capital)

"That snake!" "She was trying to capture that egg and get it to lay eggs for her, so she wouldn't have to do the challenge.."

Unless they got wind of our plan

While Ilvara in charge Ilona didn’t really do anyhitng… just changed out wyrmlings (dragons) Glorified cavalrywoman Since Ilvara missing, she is acting high-priestess..

She used to be quite social (friend of Asha) Ever since promoted has not left Sorcere except for raid on gracklestugh and wyrmrunning

Vizeran joins the call

We have the ingredients list, not the recipe (Baenre's journal)

Sorcere - capital tower of Menzoberranzan Used to be the archmages tower… then it was ba Built above the leyline. Source of all faezeress energy…

There arent that many drow priestesses atm…

We have no witnesses??? (of death of Ilvara)

However, it seems that Ilona has put 2 & 2 together, as Ilvara was last seen when setting out to stop us.

Vizeran: you have a tertiary goal in Menzoberranzan -> prepare the ground for the ritual once we cast it.

The demon princes know we have the egg.

Vizeran definitely wants to just destroy Menzoberranzan

We want somewhere near Sorcere? Not within the building because Faezeress -> will interfere with casting. Ideally near the center of the city but not directly in the center.

"The drow will be more occupied with the swarms of demons then they will with you." - Vizeran

Vizeran: "I am the one with the power to cast this ritual." (doubt)

-- Session End --


I totally didnt make a summary this week.