Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Note: A summary of the important events is at the bottom.



Battlefield of lizard-like humanoid creatures standing in a rough formation along the river.

Elite-looking lizard creatures line the ridge to the west, guarding a tied-up creature of the same race.

Immediately to our right, the cave wall looks almost as if it has been collapsed. It seems that rubble was intentionally placed here to hide the tunnel. Clearing the debris reveals a narrow, secret passage leading to another pile of rubble… This pile has a tiny gap, through which we can see a room guarded by a single Troglodyte to the NW. Chained in pairs are 4 dwarves and 2 drow captives.

Atlan attempts to control the lizard individual with Suggestion. They do not understand the language he spoke (undercommon), so the spell has no effect and their suspicions are piqued. They come to investigate… Donaar crashes through the loose stone, catching the guard off-guard, and smashes both himself and the heavy rubble into the unsuspecting reptilian, pinning them to the ground. Quick follow-up from Necalli ensures his demise before he can raise the alarm, but enough noise has been made to arouse suspicion from another group of troglodytes in a nearby chamber (7).

We enter the room with the captives & spot another room to the SE, filled with vents that expel what appears to be scalding gasses, and containing veins of emerald, gold, other valuables.

Near the eastern wall of the chamber lies a pit filled with blood (which also covers parts of the floor in this room (5)). In this pit are also several Zerkhwood chests. (valuables?)

Troglodyte Fight

The troglodytes, alerted to our presence by the noise, begin to draw closer to our group and the prisoners.

The party dispatches the first troglodyte groups that advance in brutally swift and simple fashion.

As another group of troglodyte soldiers make their way up the ramp into our chamber, Necalli pulls out the incendiary belt, originally acquired from the kamikaze rats in Blingdenstone. Upon reaching the top of the ramp, the leading troglodyte is immediately grabbed by Necalli's hulking form, has the belt fastened around them, and then are flung back down the ramp, into the center of the larger group of troglodytes in the main chamber.

The leader of this group of troglodytes promptly assesses the situation and reacts by using a special action to order this soldier to run into enemy lines. They follow orders, run into the other group of troglodytes, and explode there, taking several of the enemies with them.

Fireballs many explode.

Worth noting that, even after we killed many of their men, the original troglodyte/lizard leader (the one who reacted quickly) beckoned us towards them. They also seemed distraught over the loss of their people.


Dwarves are members of the Mithril Hall, the guard regiment that used to guard the entrance/exit to Gauntylgrym. This entrance has been closed for a while now… The dwarves inform us that this passage has just been reopened in order to more easily/swiftly send forces down into the Underdark. They will send us forces if we get these people out.

If we get all 4 dwarves out of the Wyrmwrithings, we will get +1 regiment.

Riders from the west

Eventually, a new group of Troglodytes, this one riding large lizard mounts, arrives from the west. They begin a brutal assault against the troglodytes on the southern bank, running them through with ease.

There is a shaman-looking troglodyte on the northern bank who wields a skull-adorned staff and what appears to be a priceless longsword. They swipe the weapon (longsword) through the air, causing a dark tear, "Like a beam of night…", to slice through the four troglodytes in its path (at range).

Tribal troglodytes "if I can't have them, no one will"

The mounted troglodytes make short work of most of their opposition.

When the dark beam hits the leader of the losing side, they seem to become dazed, and promptly run themselves off the edge of the cliff, presumably to their demise.

With their leader gone, the remaining ordinary troglodytes seem to give up. They are promptly surrounded and executed by the mounted individuals.

Winning troglodytes execute survivors.


The shaman seems to be the leader here. Beckons us forward.

Puts sword on/in the ground.

Atlan gets closer to inspect. Shaman laughs.

Sword crackles like crystal did.

All the riders have 1 black 1 white eye with purple veins around

Dextrous longsword, almost rapier. Still2 edges. Jagged crossguard. Blade: 1 half pitch black. Other Pure white. Lightning bolt pattern where meet


Atlan shows crystal. Shaman inspects, closely, sniffing, etc. Laughs again.

Tosses sword at Atlan's feet.

Preparing to pick up the sword, Atlan casts Protection from Evil and Good on himself. The spell takes effect, and he immediately begins to feel unwell; nauseous. That's concerning. Atlan drops the spell.

After brief internal deliberation, he picks up the sword. It feels… good. The sword feels perfectly balanced. Not only that, he wields it unexpectedly easily. This is exceedingly strange.

Shortly after he picks it up, the remaining troglodytes and their steeds kneel before Atlan, as the shaman fades into (darkness? A puddle? I don't recall).

This weapon counts as a +2 Longsword with which Atlan has proficiency.

Troglodytes seem to still not understand our language.

Donaar tames one of the lizard steeds, which he can use as a mount.

Prisoners again

Drow are twin brother and sister "We were taking part in the wyrmrunning" Rite of passage in menzoberranzan All recruits run for the wyrm egg

They can lead us back from the wyrm nursery Their names are Reneil and Zolay.


We get a long rest. We have rations for 6 days remaining

All look incredibly exhausted.

-- Session End --


Troglodyte battlefield. Seems like 2 opposing groups with 2 different leaders. The side with the Shaman won, in brutal fashion. The troglodytes on this side all have a strange affliction. One eye is dark, one light, with obvious purple veins.

Shaman wields a half-dark, half-light blade longsword, which he offers to Atlan, cackling, before disappearing.

There are 6 prisoners. 4 Dwarves of the Mithril Hall. 2 Drow, participating in a competitive event called Wyrmrunning (I think).

The Mithril hall is the guard regiment that used to guard the entrance/exit to Gauntylgrym. If we get all 4 dwarves out of the Wyrmwrithings, we will get +1 regiment to our forces in Gracklstugh.

The drow might be able to give us some amount of guidance in getting out of the Wyrmwrithings, as they come from Menzoberranzan, and were competing in an event to make it back with a Wyrm egg. They can potentially lead us back to the nursery.

This chamber is a sort of safe-haven from the everpresent vibrations of the Wyrmwrithings. Donaar is finally able to get some rest.