Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Note: this is long. A summary of the important events is at the bottom.

This library has an attitude

Conversing with the Red Mage

Tall elven woman. Does not have pointed ears. The red cloak is flowy… ripples like water. Hard to tell material. Antiquated design.

Seek the builders of the library in the hall of the stonekeepers.

We each received special stones from the stonekeepers in Gracklstugh…

These stones are designed to allow you to commune with their [the creators of Gravenhollow] essence.. [You will] receive boon/gift to help you along with your quest.

She fades away (out of time).

Necalli and Harry Potter Reflect

Necalli followed Atlan and arrived here…


Other dude (HP) has a wand with various gears attached… has a stone of far-speaking. Surprised to see Necalli here.

You're an… Elephant…?

"What's an elephant?"

HP: "Sorry, do you know where we are? What state are we in?"


"Ehm- Nevermind. My name is Ayvid Silverstein."

"My name is Necalli."

"These rooms… I came out of that left one. All I can remember is that I was looking in my mirror back home, now I'm here."

"Have you tried going back through?"

"Well, you see, that's the problem" - Sticks hand through the mirror. It turns into a hoof.

"This is all stories to me mostly… I have a wand. This is- I feel like I'm in Harry Potter, to be honest."

"Don't know what that is…"

"Necalli, can you do me a favor? I don't think I'm going to make it out of here…"

"Why wouldn't you..?" xd

"Do you have any food?"

Necalli grabs food from his magical food sack.

Ayvid takes a bite and promptly disappears.

It's not just like he vanished… it's like he was never here at all.

Necalli takes a bite of similar food. Turns around and sees behind him Donaar in a garden (through a hall), talking to someone.

Necalli looks through the portal. Sees himself at different ages. As a child, as an old loxodon, etc.

As he looks at this portal and thinks of Atlan……..

Atlan arrives (as he was running back to him)

Necalli then envisions Donaar…

cut to Donaar

Marina wasn't Evil. Probably.

Donaar & Marina

"Remind me, again why you sold out our village."

Your mother and I were the two seers of the village. Our main job was to ensure the survival of our people, no matter the cost

I would argue that you failed.

Well, you're standing here, aren't you? One day, I lost my vision. -Don waves his hand in front of her face. She waves back.- I don't know how or why, I could not see futures.

Your mother, on the other hand, had significantly more powerful seeing abilities… She retreated -I see now- to ensure the survival of our people, because she saw the destruction of our world in the future… the "rage of demons". For us to survive, our village had to be taken over by the drow. She gave me instructions to plant items that the Drow would covet, so that they would raid our village. She specified, that under no circumstances could you come to harm- you had to survive.

"I don't know if I want to kill you anymore but.."

"It's a lot to take in."

"I just- how do I get back to my friends" "Do you have anything for me or my family?"

We are not actually together, unfortunately. However, points to shelves behind -> sealed scroll shoots out. "When this is all over, follow that map. There, you'll find some treasures of our village that I saved for you."

"Is it a lightsaber?"

Ind. answer

Necalli Wills his Friends into Existence.

…Necalli then envisions Donaar…

Donaar arrives in similar fashion to Atlan.

Research, brought to you by Wikihollow

It seems that, in this room at least, the library shows us what we wish to see.

Necalli thinks at the portal : demon lord of deception

One book on a pedestal.

It is hard to read… a combination of Abyssal and Undercommon

Fae's best friend arrives

Then Vizirin shows up. He wants this book too apparently. We seem to have aligned interests. Things simmer down fairly rapidly and we begin to loosely work together as we research.

Vizirin does NOT like: Gromph Baenre of house , Archmage of Mezoberranzan.

We don't think this individual exits.

"nono.." he reaches towards the pillar and summons forth a scroll…

"Esteemed lord Baenre… Mizzrym house to take over"

Baenre was Ilvara's mentor.

Vizirin is surprisingly amicable (or, at the very least, helpful). (At least compared to his previous appearance, although we don't know that.)

N: "Demon princes and ways to kill them"

We see shelves and shelves of books… naming demons we know, and some we don't.

Apparently, this is not specific enough.

A: "Sealing the Demonweb Pits"

A single book appears: "Lolth's embrace." Reading it, we learn:

Every strand of silk is handwoven by Lolth herself. The Demonweb Pits are an extension of her mortal form on the material plane.

N: "The Death of Lolth"

You see a book dated several years before the current year. Several centuries. Describes the nature of the godly cycle. God's technically don't die. The forms that mortal interact with are just avatars. Avatars can die and regenerate. Lolth's form in the material plane has been imprisoned at the bottom of the Underdark, where the Demonweb Pits reside. Her specific punishment has her eternally weave her own prison. (by Mechanus)

A: "Beshaba"

Sister of Lolth. Dual gods of night and twilight. Over time, as mortals came to dominate the material plane, Lolth shifted to patron goddess of the Drow, the Underdark, and spiders. Beshaba became the goddess of trickery and dark magic.

Beshaba was complicit in Lolth's crimes, but she escaped to an unknown plane. No info past that.

To Lure Demons

Vizirin: "Moving on, I think we can help each other… You've been able to fight aspects of these demon princes. What if the only thing we need to stop the demon princes is themselves?"

I believe Baenre is responsible for the Demonwebs breaking, or at least the demons coming Out of the Abyss. (roll credits)

If I can replicate this spell… I can perhaps make a beacon for the demons.

N: "Dawnstones"

An infinite map appears, of Gravenhollow itself. Shows many pinpoints of light in many different rooms.

We see our own room, showing several of these pinpoints where Necalli stands.

One is several rooms over.

Most-all of the pinpoints are moving.

Each has a frequency. Many throughout the library.

"Vizirin, how would you locate/travel to a specific room, and then return here?"

"Well, for starters, you'd have to know the name of this room."

Necalli queries a list of names of all rooms, ending w/ this one.

Infinitely tall book, ending in glowing page.

He swing. Alarm. Drones.


-- Session End --


Red Mage is Brysis. Currently stuck in Negative Energy plane. Can perhaps help us deal with Demons if freed.

We have special stones from the stonespeaker. (We each have one.) We should take these to the creators of Gravenhollow in the hall of the stonekeepers. A boon/gift awaits us in return.

Necalli finds himself in a magical mirror room. There is another person with him. They are both confused. Necalli feeds him magic food. He ceases to exist. Gone. Reduced to atoms.

Marina was a seer. Saw the "Rage of Demons." Don is Neo. Don has a map to treasure from Marina (for acquisition later, probably).

We regroup. Vizirin arrives. Together we learn from the library & each other:

  • Former Archmage, Baenre, (who Vizirin despises) may have caused the Demonweb pits to break down, starting this mess.
  • Demonweb pits are an extension of Lolth's mortal form.
  • Vizirin may be able to lure the demon lords together if he can learn the spell/enchantment/thing that enabled Baenre to start this mess.

Dawnstones are here.

We've set off alarms. Drones are angy and on the way.