Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Note: A summary of the important events is at the bottom.

Stoneweavers' Sight


Last we left off…

"Infinitely tall book, ending in glowing page.

Necalli swings at it. Alarm sounds. Drones arrive by the dozens, armed with shortbows, all drawn and aiming at us.


Not So Fast

Vizirin Stops Time around us. (We can move, he can move, drones cannot.)

Vizirin wants "formal partnership"

"I will lend you my services in stopping this Demonic incursion. Met me at Araj, and we will go into more detail. I believe in Baenre's journal we may find more information" (A copy of which we both (Vizirin, and our party) found in Gravenhollow, from different time periods.) Ours is from a few months in the future from now, later than his.

If their avatars are free to roam the Underdark, that means that their domains are unsealed.

(remember) Grazzt was influencing Gracklestugh

It is worrying to Vizirin that we have not encountered Baphomet, as he is the prince of Ruin… His goal is to bring about the end of order. That is something that would most likely be quite evident…

Stoneweavers' Hall

The Stoneweavers are the creators and keepers of Gravehollow. They are Huge giants.


Stoneweavers (speaking in turn): "Technically we are not born. We are created. To watch this library, as we have and always will."

They know about us (seemingly everything). Know of Donaar being turned to stone.

These are the "Stoneweavers" guardians of Gravenhollow.

  • Past - Ulthar
  • Present - Ustova
  • Future - Urma

We get to ask any 1 question, about the past, present, or future, in exchange for our Stones/Crystals from the Stonekeeper of Gracklestugh.

"How do we end up defeating the demon princes?"

You see jumbled-up images of Gracklstugh, Zuggtmoy's tower, hanging spires of Velkynvelve, etc.

You see yourself with your party, standing in a line with brilliant light shining towards you. In your shadows…

  • Necalli: Massive shadow w/ tentacles
  • Atlan: shorter figure with sword
  • Donaar: shapeless mass
  • Fae: Gargoylean figure

You see a glimpse of / feel… feels like you are under miles of water. You are deep in the world. You see this machine, turning endlessly. Looks almost like a roulette wheel. Clicks back and forth between spaces in a seemingly random / incomprehensible order.

When you return to your home base, ask your Harpers about "The Maze Engine."

"What is causing the Demonweb Pits to fail?"

You feel like you are falling. You have a bird's eye view of a sea of thick strands of spider silk (as thick as redwoods). Several of the strands of silk are frayed and snapped.

You come to a central hub where you see a cave made out of the silk. In the cave, you see a creature with the torso and head of a woman.. Turns into abdomen of a spider. The figure is frantically weaving silk.

For a fleeting second, you can feel what she is feeling.. Anger, frustration, more than anything, tired. Wincing every time she weaves a thread of silk. In distance, you see an explosion of purple fire. She screams in pain and rage.

  • The explosion of purple fire was intense eldritch energy.
  • Something woven by a god would not be able to be broken by fire or normal energy.
  • The explosion was something "on the pits" detonating. Almost like something was laid or dropped there.

Menacing Laugh

  • At the end of the vision, I hear far in the distance.. Intense cackling. "Pure Maliciousness"
  • Only a being made of that emotion could make such a sound.
  • Laugh is eerily familiar. Possible sources?
    • Vizirin and Brysis told us that the Goddess Brysis embodies Doom/Malice
    • Baphomet pure
    • Juiblex Undirected Malice
    • Like Bupedo's laugh
      • Bupedo was likely influenced by (Grazzt)? Probably?

"What is Baphomet doing right now and working towards?"

As you look into the screen, you have tunnel vision, then everything goes black. You find yourself in a body- not your own. Your giant hooves smash stones underfoot. You are horned. Weild a bloody glaive, you cut down giant mushroom trees… Every step brings you closer to a magma cavern that contains a weapon [Maze Engine], capable of reshaping the Underdark itself. --^^Written Cutscene--

Ustova floats towards Donaar: "You must sit. You have inhabited the mind of a dark creature."

"Ok… does that happen often"

"This happening can be damaging" Does not happen often. Rare.

"Should I be concerned?"

"Well… That really depends. One would think that you'd be concerned about all of this…"

"You die once, you die a million times"

Ustova converses with Urmas… Almost arguing. Urmas steps in front of her. "You cannot know. It would damage your chances of achieving a fated victory"

Big machine that demon lord was trying to…? (-donaar)

Maze engine.

Discussing Discovered Information

If the maze engine is altered. The strings of the world itself will be altered.

Maze engine is in the real world. Hidden where its creator assumed none would find it.

Leaving Gravenhollow

We are shown a door that resembles the entrance to Gravenhollow… We leave.

-- Session End --


Vizirin wants a formal partnership with us, in order to stop the demon incursion. Requests that we meet him at his island/tower, Araj. Believes more information can be gleaned from Baenre's journal. (We have a copy. Ours is more recent than his. From 2 mo. in the future, in fact.) He is also concerned about what Baphomet is up to.

We speak with the Stoneweavers, the creators and keepers of Gravenhollow. They are 3: Ulthar, Ustova, and Urmas, corresponding to past, present, and future, respectively. The answer 1 question for each stone we have from the Stonekeeper (3).

Vision 1 takeaway: "When you return to your home base, as your harpers about 'The Maze Engine.'"

Vision 2 takeaway: Lolth is still actively trying to maintain the Demonweb Pits. Something is causing explosions of purple eldritch energy that are breaking them apart. Lolth is exhausted and angry. (She may be physically harmed by the damage done to the Demonweb Pits. Not 100% sure on this. (Read Question 2 section for more info). A creature that has a laugh similar to Bupedo's was heard here as the explosion went off. "Pure, unadulterated maliciousness."

Vision 3 takeaway: Baphomet is currently traveling towards the Maze Engine.

If the maze engine is altered. The strings of the world itself will be altered. The Maze Engine is in the real world. Hidden where its creator assumed none would find it.