Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

A Deal with the Devil Demon

Big takeaways

  • We have a deal with Fraz:
    • He will not interfere w/ us until the location of Gravenhollow is known.
    • Once the location is known, we are to have a race of sorts to reach it first, but traditional magic is not allowed.
  • Fraz can and will cheat at the competition. He has natural magics that he will exploit.
  • We came across a tower belonging to Vizirin Devir, who is almost certainly drow (and we assume to be the former archmage of Menzoberranzan). Its attendants informed us he has been gone for three years. "Out to get books"
    • Vizirin knew about the demon princes rising. In fact, that had something to do with why he left.
    • Clive (Deathslod) and Genoe (drow woman)
  • We are given blinders of blinding (described elsewhere). Can potentially hide us from Fraz.
  • Fae had another dream with the elk woman. She is also residing in Gravenhollow (similar to shadow person). Seems to be a past self? Probably?
  • We each ordered our respective groups back at Grackelstugh to begin certain preparations:
    • Necalli: A small magic shop
    • Atlan: Instant Communication Network
    • Donaar: I don't recall
    • Fae: I don't recall (Something to make her more stealthy?)
  • Fraz transformed the interior of our ship
  • We are currently traveling towards Gravenhollow

Item Descriptions

Blinders of Blinding

If you get get a scrap of someone's essence, and wear these glasses, they are invisible to you, and you are invisible to them.