Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

The Fraz Fiasco

Gravenhollow ring

Heavy Translucent diamond in it A dot of light in the center - always points towards Gravenhollow

Returning to the Square

We are already low hp (Atlan: 21, Fae: 28, Donaar: 66)

Wanted posters everywhere 100,000 gp each of us. Fraz is in the process of putting more up. Fraz wants the ring. Standoff w/ Fraz/. Atlan shunts it away to his crystal dimension.

We make a deal of sorts to travel w/ him to Gravenhollow (sorta, he's not happy bout it, and could, of course, be lying)

He then vanishes and leaves us to deal w/ the Demogorgon hirees (led by the Merfolk guy) disguised as Mantol-Dereth guardspeople.

Donaar's Diplomacy

Guards have insignia of Mantol-Dereth, but the phoenix has 2 heads instead of one. Seems to be the calling card of Demogorgon.

  • Fae casts Thunderwave.
  • Attempt to go invisible, the eyes cast Faerie Fire on us, revealing Fae and Atlan, but Donaar evades the spell.
  • The false guards close in, striking Fae and Atlan. Fae is brought down, Atlan is barely left standing.
  • One of the guards creates an Antimagic field around themselves and Fae.
  • Atlan attempts to drag Fae out of the field and Dimension Door away. DD misfires and both of them are deposited nearby, temporarily enlarged.
  • Donaar, seeing the dire situation, calls out to the (perceived) leader of this operation, the merfolk man, and arranges to surrender if he is allowed to heal Fae. They agree, and Donaar heals Fae with his potion of greater healing (14).
  • The guards in Demagorgon's employ proceed to handcuff the three, create a larger antimagic zone around them, and take them aboard the ship they arrived on, and begin sailing elsewhere…
  • we get a short rest.

TL;DR We are overwhelmed and captured. Taken aboard our ship and begin sailing out. Necalli is left behind.

A Faetful Shove

The Merman's name is Calamiah. He says above, with us, as the rest of the guards go below-deck.

Fae knocks Calamiah straight off the ship with a blast of Air. The ship quickly leaves him behind.

Some of the guards heard the commotion and came above, but a quick disguise barely convinces them that all is (relatively) well, and they return belowdecks. We manage to convince the guards to go back downstairs.

Fae then smashes the cuffs holding Donaar with a torrent of fire and water. Donaar then splits Atlan's cuffs in two… and eventually Fae's as well.

Necalli converses with Fraz-Urb'luu

Fraz wants the ring, attempts to convince Necalli to promise the ring in return for being brought to the rest of the party. Necalli refuses. "do you want to make a deal?" -- continual back & forth w/ Fraz, just trying to waste his time.

Fraz: I've seen/had almost everything in this world and others. Not the library. That bothers him.

Tell me what you want in exchange for the ring… This goes on for some time.

Other Notes

Atlan is going legally insane.

Conversing with Lady of Shadow Crystal

Librarians - "hard to describe?"

"You will also meet me there."

You need to ask them about the red mage.

They will tell you what you need to know to get me out of this damned crystal. The ring should take you on the most direct route. This does into account for others along the route.