Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Into the "Warehouse"

Note: I am recording this 2 weeks after the session, entirely from memory, so be aware that information will likely be somewhat incomplete or inaccurate in places.

Info bullet points

  • Gazriin is stubbornly adamant that it's "just a warehouse."
    • It is very much alive.
  • To our surprise, the warehouse now has a clearly visible door.
    • Leads into a long, dark hallway.
  • Donaar rushes through the door. We promptly lose sight of him after no more than 15ft (~4.5m). We call out to him but receive no response.
  • While Gazriin defiantly maintains that this is an entirely normal occurrence, Necalli, Fae, and Atlan devise a plan to attempt to safely explore the hallway, and hopefully locate Donaar.
  • They tie together their remaining rope (100-150ft) and tie one end around Fae's waist while Necalli anchors the other end, in order to prevent whatever pulled Donaar down the hall could not do the same to Fae.
  • Fae, with the path illuminated by a Driftglobe, starts down the corridor, but after a mere 10-15ft, those outside lose sight of her, and the rope immediately snaps taut. As Necalli begins to heave the rope back outwards, a bomb comes careening out from where Fae and Donaar had disappeared.
  • Necalli attempts to bat it back through the opening but is unable to do so while simultaneously trying to keep hold of the rope, and both he and Atlan are caught in the ensuing blast. (I think)
  • The rope snaps (?). Necalli and Atlan decide to make their way into the building after Fae and Donaar.
  • They walk through the opening and arrive in a dark, fleshy cavern, to find Fae and Donaar being dragged by muscled tendrils into the walls of the chamber. The tendrils are promptly destroyed and, the party moves, by the light of the driftglobe down the living hallway to the edge of a larger, more open chamber.
  • In the center of this chamber resides a large mass of flesh, with various thick, tentacle-like protrusions lying around it.

Tired. Shorter bullets.

  • Thing in center wakes up. Large, floating, cycloptic, psychic-beam-firing tentacle monster.
  • Necalli nat 20 go brr. Pinball machine eyeball.
  • The chamber is now falling down around the party, damaging them as large chunks of flesh collapse on top of them.
  • They frantically search for some sort of exit, walking down either corridor or through the walls just leads to to the opposite side (loosely/usually), (always)still inside the chamber.
  • The stone is talking to Fae. Urging her to destroy it.
  • The others see the stone. Atlan immediately attacks it.
  • Stone shatters, destroyed. The hall of flesh promptly disappears, and the party finds themselves on the interior of the true Svirfneblin warehouse.
  • They are not alone. A new figure has appeared. (I don't remember his description!) …Floating in front of the… He's the demon prince of lies & stuff. (oops) Makes a remark about seeing us again sometime before disappearing in moderately dramatic fashion.
  • We're alive. Stones gone. Mission accomplished.
  • We also bully Gazriin a bit and then heal him after. We're the good guys.