Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Meeting Ghazrim DuLoc

Drow with to meet with Ghazrim DuLoc - want a ring of some sort… Drow commander has quite large crossbow.

Drow mage was Cirak Malzalore - Chief something or other in Mantol Derith?

Ghazrim DuLoc:

  • Smarmy-looking
  • Ostentatious robes (noble)
  • Wears large glowing ring
  • Followed by entourage of thugs & 1 large associate. A beholder.
    • Has 4 scars. Looks around angrily.
  • Has kids and a wife? (at least was asked about them)

Ghazrim has the ring to gravenhollow? Glowing star piece in the middle - always points towards it? Supposedly.

Drow Commander has glowing knife - throws it in beholder's main eye

The Drow attack Ghazrim and his party. We eventually (after some confusion) defeat the drow.

Keniels? Kenyels ? Wanted Some sort of gem.

Ghazrim thinks they want the "seet gem" - The diamond that is circulating the Mantol-Dereth.

Fae has a rock that meets this description as well. (rest of the party is unaware of it, and it has cursed her, such that she cannot speak about it, and must attempt to keep it concealed)

Yantha coaxcrock -svirfneblin warehouses. (east)

Currently has gem. Was one of the more amicable traders. Recently became protective of her wares.

Peebles Update

Peebles looking @ duergar enclave again Companion was not w/ him

Inspecting the Svirfneblin district

Svirfneblin "converted tavern" 0 doors or windows.

Fae climbs it, roof is sticky, and she almost can't get out of it.

Has wererat tracks entering a small hole in the side. (tracks go from svirfneblin to rat-like)

The building has a heartbeat.