Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Facing Demagorgon

We use tp circle to tp into combat with demagorgon. Atlan leads with Psychic lance surprise round Demagorgon incapacitated Fae attemps to "charm" it during this effect Donaar sends Lynbringer at it twice Plortot backs up 90 ft Atlan casts Holy weapon on Fae, cases Eldritch Blast Demagorgon buddy shows up, attacks Don. Dude applies stacks Demagorgon controls Fae, makes her attack Atlan. 1 hit, 9 dmg (with holy weapon) … Don

I stopped writing notes for this session. It was full combat. Fembershaad was killed by Demagorgon. Plortot killed (Disintegrate) Grazz't

-- Session End --


Grazz't is dead. Fembershaad is dead. Grackelstugh is all but destroyed, though there was a fairly successful evacuation.