Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

The Aspects

Vizirin's fingers bent back

In his attempt to Lost duel with banry. Normally price is death. Gods smiled upon him. Granted him a hex instead. No matter… if he manipulates energy to a certain level, he will get equal and opposite in return.

Magma mephit damage is still there.

Yeenoghu does not have a way back. Someone brought the demon princes here.

It will take Baphomet at least a few weeks to rtecover his energy.

Angels were imprisoned. Deemed unworthy of life among the celeestials. Sent to underdark and turned to stone. Each angel was deemed emblematic of a certain undesirable trait. Set up as examples.

Vizirin leads us to a temple of sorts

Emblems of the god of light: Amanatar

  • "head god"
  • light, heroism, and magic

Humanoid statues w/ furled wings.

Much larger, extrremely lifelike statues. 7 of them. All faces in agony.

Front left angel: chains of fire? Petrified halo. Ignis, the angel of wrath. Imprisoned for revenge, and the burning of … "village"?

Front right Ishita, angel of pride

  • anger over father's decision not to resurrect
  • corruption by asmodeus
  • ?rage? Among the gods

These are the angel's sentences. True stories somewhat different

Ignis was premier general… Summoned by a spellcaster… and then consequently bound, forced to serve the spellcaster for 3000 years. Ignis's divine energy was used to sustain this man. Eventually, he took revenge on this man, burning his entire village to the ground. His crime is not that that…

Don: "How do you know this" Vizirin: "Gravenhollow, research"

Vizirin is hard to read. Why would he tell us this? does he want them un-petrified. Uncharisterically calm.

Vizirin: Zikshita was considered emblematic of

  • pride, arrogance
  • he was slain by a mortal wizard
  • father refued to resurrect him
  • turned to asmodeus, who corrupted him with thoughts of revenge and indignation
  • He then brought war upon the material plane
  • eventually killed by the same mortal wizard
  • father banished him

Second room is more densely packed… Second on the left:

  • lost in thought, not in pain
  • Riveria
  • The "Dreamer" angel
  • punished for what the gods saw as laziness
  • where the mortals get the gift of prophecy and divination.
  • mortals began to learn of the gods plans, so she was imprisoned
  • body is detailed, but face is not…
  • began to lose mortal eyes in lieu of her other mods of vision. It was said that her face was clouded

Second on the right

  • Angel with wolf companion
  • Holding wolf by chain leash
  • Akwolf, angel associated with domestication, animal companionship
  • imprisoned for the binding of the wolf "Sith", who the gods learned through prophecy would eventually lead to their destruction

This is different from normal petrification. Whatever was there was destroyed, and replaced with stone in its place. When I tap on the statue, it is hollow… Has 2 faces on a large head, one masculine one feminine. Live roses growing around Theito, angel of desire Imprisoned for unconditional love Sometimes still worshiped

Aeris, angel of jealousy In love with Selune, goddess of the moon and elves, who was already married to other god. Aeris's pining for Selune deemed envy. Original punishment was cutting off ring fingures & imprisoned when unrecognized marriage with another angel. When gods found out, both sent here.

Alrune, her partner, directly across, stole from the god of wealth (golden statue)

  • introduced gold/currency to mortals
  • according to gods, this introduciton ruined the purity of humanity

Atlan attempts to remove the feather with the nightblade using CHA Nat 20

Attempt 2: 8 Tentacles branch out again, this time consume the feather.

Don gets frustrated. Yanks a feather out.

  • Feels colder
  • loses ability to romantically love someone.

Atlan accidentally cuts off half a wing of Eris Everything instantly becomes more chill; carefree; sense of urgency diminished. Apathy.

Eris and alrun -coming out of eyes is a redish-golden liquid… feel it with my fingers Is angel blood… atlan tries some… nourishes, feels familiar!?

5567 years imprisonment

Fked with vizirin a bit, pretending to be an angel with message. From his reaction, I don't think he was the angel that enslaved that other one.

If you are able to find the source of either…. The demon princes would be locked away again

Atlan went invis (from maze engine)

-- Session End --


We acquire the necessary Angel feathers.

We go back to Grackelstugh.