Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Returning to Grackelstugh

Improvements made in Grackelstugh

  • Drow cannons
  • Magic item shop
  • teleportation circle

Fembershaad isoutside the town limits? Drogana is here, reunited with Donaar. 17 animal handling reunion check.

[recall - out of char] Melding minds power

Don & Fember:

  • I met with a dragon spirit who gave visions of demon lord
  • Fember has not heard of such a thing
  • "You're a ghost posession"?
  • "I've never heard of dragon ghosts"
  • I would look for a dragon that’s more conencted, or someone who knows a lot about dragons.

Atlan copies the teleportation circle symbol. (We can teleport here at will as long as the casters are present)

Things have gotten much worse here.

  • Persistent waves of demon attacks
  • Mostly attacks from the sea: Demagorgon

Fae unleashes creature from Iron Flask "Chilling energy" "bird feathers" Associated with night; the plane of Nyx

Hear a crash Demagorgon has arrived in the harbour.

-- Session End --


We now have a very powerful teleportation circle that can be activated from anywhere.

Demagorgon has arrived at the shores of Grackelstugh.