Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Heart of the Endless Maze

Vvrock? Demons summoned. Fire abilities. Pain 2 attack fae. 1 attacks Plortot, one attacks donaar.

The maze engine Seems inactive Center is gravity well Can turn wheel and rotate maze engine at will

See plane symbol associated with Mechanus (neutral plane, gear symbol)., turn machine accordingly. Activates the maze engine. The others orb/symbols move out. Mechanus one remains. Machine is activated. Added to initiative.

Our minotaur allies arrive and blast the entire battlefield

Maze engine turn:

  • rises up out of the magma
  • 2 magma mephits rise out of magma angrily
  • rolls a 29 - humms dull tune, a Green Slod appears next to the mephits. Slods are semi-demons. We've met a black slod. (Vizirin's assistant) Slod's turn:
  • Hits floor with his club.
  • Fireball around self (lvl 3) against mephits.
  • Naturally, they take 0 damage. It deals 11 damage to itself. At this point, our minotaur allies have downed 2 of us. This thing just got summoned by the machine and started hitting itself.

Baphomet turn: Maze engine turn: starts spitting out gems upon gems. Then the green dude uses his turn to vanish. Afterwards, the mephits begin attacking the maze engine

Don breaks free of the horns, rages, damaging one of the fire bird demons, then uses patient defence (totally 2 bonus actions on a turn :/)

Atlan heals fae (healing word) Eldritch blasts the mephits, which are literally destroying the maze engine (pain)

We get teleported back to Velkenvelve We contact Vizirin He teleports us back (fudged roll?) Plortot casts hold monster on Baphomet (success) Maze engine teleports

Maze engine is what allows magic to flow, fazeress energy result of maze engine being obstructed The world cannot be purely chaos…

"Are you telling us the god of order " "ordered chaos"

Fazeress is not easy to control… Maze engine prevents it from accumulating Worl

Normally, the modrons protect it

Atlan picks up 7kgp of 500gp gemstones picked up on the way there

All symbols on machine are once again equidistant from the center Center is material plane, negative and astral plane, elemental planes.

The maze engine taps into the energy of the other planes. Combines these energies to create effects

We have blood of baphomet

-- Session End --


Baphomet is sent back to his home plane by the Maze Engine.

We have the blood of Baphomet.