Campaign Notes: Out of the Abyss

Prince of Beasts

Brazha, friend or foe?

After we retrieve the heart from the goristro, we hear something approaching.

Soon, a minotaur appears. After some back and forth, its name is revealed to be "Brazha". They are friendly enough, but are intent on leading us back to "their place", despite being reluctant to provide details about the location or why it is important.

Suspicious, Plortot attempts to contact this creature inside its own mind through use of Message, only to find his magic blocked by an unknown force (WIS contest, he rolls a 13 total).

Brazha tells us that they have seen some (modrons?) running through here looking for an "ordering machine".

Individual is being sincere, but there is something "dead" about him…

Two thin, silvery-blue strings on the dome. Loops of the stringt tied along his neck, arms, etc Traveling east

Donaar reaches through the portal

46 fire damage as he sticks his hand in lava

In the direction of the maze engine… the glowing wasn'the maze engine itself. There looks to be a huge forge there. Fired by some lava Peeking up over the walls of the labyrinth we the horns of (presumably) Baphomet

"You are not very bright… are.. You?"

"No, I'm only bright when I use my lightning breath"

"I… see."

We start running across the walls, (we can arrive in a few minutes)

Brazha sounds horn, healing us for 20hp

Baphomet at Maze Engine

17 ft tall

Giant hoooves Almost like 2 sets of knees. One bending normally the other, halfway

Network of horns extends to cover parts of his face, almost like a battle helmet

Baphomet plunges his cleaver into the lava and the exits are sealed

We see the exits seal as the labyrinth walls rise

Long whip of fire, and 2 wings pull themselves out of the lava

Fae dashes up to Baphomet, pummeling him with a barrage of phantasmal fists.

+17 to hit btw 3 attacks per turn +10 to damage

Baphomet makes a running charge at Donaar, straight through the flowing lava. Donaar steels himself, rolls this insane number (28) and stops him in his tracks, (still sustaining great damage) (Lets out burst of lightning energy as they collide)

Lava creature whacks Atlan, reducing him to 1 hp from 61. Atlan makes to run down, past the lava demon, leaps, then teleports behind the maze engine with Dimension Door

Plortot casts Disintegrate at the Lava demon, blasting through several layers of its toughened hide. Follows up with Crown of Stars, sending it back into the lava from which it came (dead).

Fae uses her Elemental Strikes and Empowered abilities!

-- Session End --


We find Baphomet at the maze engine. A fight commences.

Crown of Stars