Campaign Notes: Wild Weird West

Background Information

King Durand II calls all able-bodied folk to partake in the colonization of the recently discovered land of Zuroa. Parties will be free to explore any ruins, abandoned cities, or random holes in the ground. King Durand II will reward any pioneers who focus on establishing and fortifying a foothold in the area. The Kingdom of Veradia will provide additional funding and a steady stream of supplies for you and your unit.

Any who survive 5 years on this new continent will earn a royal pardon for any crimes prior to their departure, and the deed to a portion of the land you and your party acquire. However, any major artifacts of power will be reclaimed by the crown immediately.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge the Kingdom’s right of sovereignty over any reclaimed land, right to station troops therein, levy taxes, and conscript troops in times of war.