Campaign Notes: Wild Weird West

Drop Bears

Things that Exist

  • drop bears

  • Another thing… "We don't like to speak its name. You don't want to speak it into existence"

    • Fenmae calls them "windy bois"
    • It was one of these creatures that ravaged those in the homestead to the west (this is the story we were told in session 1).

Trees: Eucalyptus leaves

  • The oil can be pressed out. Useful for cold and flu symptoms.
  • Has a minty flavor
  • Don't eat these raw. Mild negative side effects.

Eaten by Koalas. Not by drop bears. drop bears are carnivorous.

Another party

Met another party on the road.

Human - paternal looking figure - Ainsley? Half-elf - Edward - was the guide? Small tiefling child (f)

Walking on the road, opposite us.

"They have been through a lot"

  • child: eyes glossy, looks traumatized

They were attacked by bandits. The rest of the group is gone. "They took everything; they wiped us out"

Currently heading back to town. They've been foraging.

They were heading "away from here" after attacking their party. (southwest overall)

The bandit camp is thought to be located central-west-ish (of the continent).

Assorted events


Kangaroos in the camp!

Cows lay eggs.

The cow is pregnant.

The end times

solar eclipse. (day is dark)

Balmyr wills the moon to move as he wishes.

Scavenging for food

Survival: what kind of food can be scavenged

  • There are rabbit holes (burrows)
  • Bigger holes + tracks, unknown creature
  • Large tree, fruit hanging from it.
  • Mushrooms

Gimram picks 7 plum-pear-like fruits. "Cackadoo plum"

Can be eaten raw or be used to make jams. Have healing properties. the seeds can be made into healing potions by alchemists

Additional travel (several days)

we travel a bit more

Some of the wildlife seems… unsettled.

Fenmae taking note of this.

Day 7

Slight rumble from the ground beneath us. tremor. "very minor earthquake"

Day 8

A drop bear falls on Gimram's head.

Roll initiative.

we win.. eventually. These things are tough. Good chunk of hp.

Windy bois?

We hear this… wailing elk-ish sound.

"Mytical creature - evil spirit"

  • human-like characteristics, can possess other human beings
  • Some say was once a human itself that had to eat other human beings, turned into. "Wendigo"
  • Skinwalker

If it sounds far away, it's close. if it's nearby it sounds far away.

As it gets closer, it sounds more like a human. "If it sounds mimicking, run…"

Explains the animals we've been seeing running.

(we're probably moving away)

They can mimic people but don't sound exactly like who they try to impersonate. It seems they are incapable of being a perfect copy.

Char notes

I'm bad with tracking voices and worse with tracking names. Half of the below is probably wrong lol


Has killed people (for payment in food)


Timothy Goldfather

Pirate. I think.


Balmyr Strodehk

Rich. Bored. Is here now.

Was previously a bounty hunter.


Arrested for "exploring" / tresspassing.